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Vincent Delhomme is a PhD candidate at UCLouvain, Belgium, working on the regulation of unhealthy lifestyles in EU law (including tobacco, food and alcohol). He is a graduate and a former assistant from the College of Europe in Bruges, Department of European Legal Studies. His research interests include internal market law, public health and consumer protection.

Origin-labelling legislation in the EU: striking the balance between free movement and consumer protection

Consumers increasingly want access to information regarding the origin of products. Buying local is en vogue, offering a sense of greater certainty as to the quality and safety of products, the hope of a lower carbon footprint and a way to support local communities. This trend, however legitimate, also provides an opportunity for States to promote their domestic production – a temptation which is only getting stronger with the current economic crisis and the need to rescue national economies. In this context, origin-labelling can be used as a tool to guide consumers towards local purchases. In this post, Vincent Delhomme shows how EU law currently prevents Member States from imposing wide ranging origin-labelling requirements on products and argues, should any reform take place, for preserving the overall spirit of this legal framework.

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