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Peter Blok is professor in the Center for Intellectual Property Law of Utrecht University. He holds the Patent law and privacy chair. He is a judge in the Commercial Law Chamber of the Court of Appeal in The Hague. He is specialized in intellectual property law and privacy and data protection law. Peter Blok was a judge in the Intellectual Property chamber of the District Court of The Hague over eight years, the last years as coordinator of that chamber. Before that he was an attorney-at-law in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. In 2002 Peter Blok finished and defended a PhD-thesis on privacy and data protection law at Tilburg University. Part of his research was done at Georgetown University Law Center, Washington D.C. Peter Blok studied law and philosophy at Leiden University.

Enforcement of intellectual property rights: pioneering in private enforcement

European law plays a major role in the enforcement of intellectual property rights. The innovative rules and practices developed by the EU in this area provide a wide range of enforcement tools and introduce a European system of enforcement principles. In this post, the sixth in RENFORCE Blog’s special series on the enforcement of EU law, Peter Blok explains that intellectual property law is therefore a rich source for the study and further development of European law enforcement in general and private law enforcement in particular. 

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