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Tony Marguery heeft rechten gestudeerd aan de Universiteit van Aix en Provence. Hij heeft tot 2001 als advocaat in Frankrijk gewerkt. Hierna heeft hij Europees Recht aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen gestudeerd waar hij in 2008 zijn proefschrift verdedigde: “Unity and diversity of the public prosecution services in Europe. A study of the Czech, Dutch, French and Polish systems”. Dit onderzoek bespreekt de organisatie en functies van dit instituut. Sinds 2007 is Tony werkzaam als docent Europees Recht aan de Universiteit Utrecht. Hij houdt zich in zijn onderzoek vooral bezig met Europees strafrecht, Europees Recht en Fundamentele Rechten.

Liberté, Liberté chérie… where things can go wrong. The French reaction to the terrorists attack in Paris


Foto door: Fugitron (CC BY-SA)

Following the Paris attacks of November 2015, president Hollande declared a state of emergency in France for twelve days. It was extended for three months until the 26th of February 2016 by the law no 2015-1501 of 20 November 2015 which, with no surprise, was adopted almost unanimously (only 12 negative votes and one abstention). According to the law no 55-385 of 3 April 1955 the state of emergency can be declared where there is an imminent danger to the public order, or in relation to events which amount, by their nature and severity, to a public disaster. It is clear that this exceptional regime was declared in order to specifically address the terrorist attacks by religious fundamentalists. As in many other Union member states, France witnesses a growing concern for internal security. However, this concern may stifle the equally important concern for justice and freedom that characterizes any state based on the rule of law. It further poses the question of the actual efficiency of legislation on security in the fight against terrorists. Lees verder