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About Suzanne Flynn

Suzanne Flynn is pursuing an LLM in Law and Technology in Europe at Utrecht University. She is also a member of the LLM’s Honours Programme. She graduated from Trinity College Dublin with a Joint Honours Degree in Law and German in 2020. Her interests are mainly in EU Criminal Justice, Public Law and Technology.

The Case of EncroChat and the Presumption of Innocence in EU Law

What if law enforcement had the power to take down an entire phone network? How comfortable would you feel if your messages were exposed and viewed at length? When the EncroChat network was compromised by French law enforcement in 2020, questions were raised not only about the capability to access highly secure information, but also how the presumption of innocence is afforded to criminal suspects pre-trial. For current Utrecht LLM student Suzanne Flynn, as trends in law enforcement progress towards detection rather than reaction, the takedown of the EncroChat network encapsulates a sea change in the area of encryption and the law enforcement response thereto.

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